About Kalasalingam University

Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering, which was established in the year 1984 by Kalvivallal Thiru. T.Kalasalingam, has now been upgraded as Kalasalingam University. This University has been accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade and a Score of 3.11 on a four point scale. Our university has also been ranked 52nd among top Universities in India by NIRF-MHRD 2016. The University is well poised to become a leading centre of Excellence of International repute in Education and Research under the leadership and guidance of the Chancellor Dr.K.Sridharan, the Vice-Chancellor Dr.S.Saravanasankar and the Directors Dr.S.Shasi Anand and Mr.S.Arjun Kalasalingam. The h-index of Kalasalingam University as per SCOPUS database is 48. The faculty members of our University have established extensive International Collaboration for research activities, resulting in large number of joint publications. The University is situated at Krishnankoil, 65 KM South of Madurai and 10 KM North of Srivilliputtur in Madurai – Senkottah National Highway. The nearest airport is Madurai. For more details kindly visit www.kalasalingam.ac.in.

About Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology was started in 1998, offering B.Tech.(IT) programme under the affiliation of Madurai Kamaraj University. With excellent laboratory and research facilities, the programme was continuously affiliated by the Madurai Kamaraj University and later by Anna University. Accreditation of NBA committee for the under graduate programme of this department was obtained in the year 2004. Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Engineering (AKCE) blossom out as Kalasalingam University (KLU) in the year 2007 offering B.Tech (IT), M.Tech (IT) and Ph.D programmes. With glooming in communication technologies, department started offering B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from the year 2011. .

About INCODS-2017

Data is the fundamental asset either of an organization or of an individual. Owners are forced to store their data in electronic form in devices such as mobile, computer, cloud and etc… But currently all types of offences such as cyber attacks and other cause severe damage to the user’s data. Hence, there is an urgent need of data security professionals to unite and find feasible solutions to these attacks. INCODS’17 provides a suitable platform for interaction among industry and academic experts in the field of data security to discuss the merits and demerits of existing data security methods/techniques, suggest suitable mechanism to defend & arrest these attacks and to kindle interest & curiosity among research community in the field of data security which is the need of the hour. .

Issues around data security, trustworthiness, and privacy today are under greater focus than ever before. Technological advances, such as sensors, smart mobile devices, Internet of things (IoTs), novel systems and applications, such as cloud systems, cyber–physical systems, social networks, and smart and connected health care, are making it possible to capture, process, share, and use huge amounts of data from everywhere and at any time & every time, and to extract knowledge and predict trends from these data. The widespread and intensive use of data for many different tasks makes, however, data security, trustworthiness, and privacy increasingly critical requirements. For example, the availability of multiple datasets, which can be easily combined and analyzed, makes it very easy to infer sensitive information. Such issues may make data sharing more difficult, if at all possible. Pervasive data gathering from multiple devices, such as smart phones, smart power meters, and personal well-being devices, further exacerbates the problem of data security and privacy. The use of cloud as a platform for storing, retrieving, and processing data introduces another party in the already complex data ecosystem. Malicious actors may compromise cloud systems and cloud applications in order to gain access to private data as well as remove or tamper the data, so as to undermine the trust of users towards the data.

The International Conference on Data Security (INCODS), organized by Department of Information Technology, Kalasalingam University will take place during the month of December 2017 at Kalasalingam University Campus, Tamil Nadu, India. This conference will cover areas like, cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Ad hoc and wireless sensors networks, Advances in satellite communication applications and many more.